Daily Hive x Live Nation


Campaign Goals

In 2017, Live Nation looked to change the way people were informed of their concerts and events. With aims to revolutionize the concert-going experience, Live Nation and Daily Hive explored new ways in promoting such events. The goal of this campaign was to draw readers and build hype for the September 2017 Coldplay concert at BC place.


The Execution

The strategy was to be the first Vancouver media publication to announce and inform the general public of this event and ultimately boost ticket sales and fill 40,000 seats. Live Nation partnered with Daily Hive to create consistent buzz from the concert announcement to a concert recap. The campaign consisted of an announcement of the concert and a recap of the night’s events.

Total Campaign Reach

5.4 million

total reach


total engagement



The results below are the direct stats from the featured campaign.


article reads

4:25 min

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