Daily Hive x Capilano


Campaign Goals

The Capilano Suspension Bridge wanted to create content that would help showcase the holiday magic that lived in Vancouver’s backyard. Capilano Suspension Bridge partnered with Daily Hive for the launch of their new Treetop Adventure: Canyon Lights. The goal was to present the bridge as an ideal holiday destination, ultimately increasing traffic during the winter months. Additionally, the company wanted to create awareness of the park’s season extension (now remaining open through January).


The Execution

Capilano Suspension Bridge set out to run a multi-platform social media campaign published throughout Daily Hive Vancouver channels. The strategy was to utilize Daily Hive’s channels to create initial awareness of the new light adventure followed by a social push after the holidays that would inform followers of the extended season. The campaign ran for nearly two months and Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge had great success.

Total Campaign Reach


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The results below are the direct stats from the featured campaign.


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